Understanding chat canvas attributes in package.json


In my previous post – Developing a custom feedback card, I had shown how to develop a custom survey / request-response card. The package.json had a bunch of attributes. In this brief post, I would like to cover some of the commonly used attributes ChatCanvasCardView. (This post does not provide an exhaustive list of attributes in ChatCanvasCardView – refer the official documentation here.)

Sample package.json

For convenience, I have numbered the attributes, which are then shown in the card screens.


Card UX

labelled cards

Hope that was quick and helpful!


I have added this section to capture information that I add after the initial post.


The property for button text is labelRespondToForm (#5 in image in above section). However, when you accept multiple response and have already submitted a response – you can use the property labelAnotherResponse to have a string for subsequent responses. For example, this could have a string like “Respond Again“.

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