Interactive Charts in Custom Actions

There have been asks around how data can be viewed in Kaizala using custom actions in the form of interactive charts. This could be achieved by integrating a third party library called Chart.js in our custom action. The rest of the post will delve into the details to achieve this. Scenario We have launched a … Continue reading Interactive Charts in Custom Actions

Discover custom actions on portal

Overview Now you can discover actions relevant to your industry in the Kaizala Management Portal. What this basically means is - that if you belong to a particular industry (For e.g. Airlines), you can find all actions that would be appropriate for you and start using the actions right away with no or minimal code … Continue reading Discover custom actions on portal

Targeted Messaging in broadcast groups

In this post, we are going to discuss how we can send announcements to a select set of users in a broadcast group based on their tenant attributes. Figure 1: Sending Targeted announcements to subscribers in a broadcast group Setting up tenant attributes In this previous post, we have discussed what tenant attributes are. There … Continue reading Targeted Messaging in broadcast groups

Auto Fill User Details using Kaizala

In this post, we will talk about how we can access group and user user details of the current logged in user in a custom action card. This can be useful to autofill user details like phone number, user name etc. already known by Kaizala. This prevents the user from manually taking the effort to type in these details.  Extracting group and Kaizala user details  Profile … Continue reading Auto Fill User Details using Kaizala

Fetch and Update attributes in Kaizala Tenant User List

There has been asks around how user can configure their details in the Kaizala open directory. In this post, we are going to discuss the Kaizala Open directory, which is also known as the tenant user list. Kaizala open directory has a set of attributes at user level like user display name, phone number, email … Continue reading Fetch and Update attributes in Kaizala Tenant User List